Your dedicated communication and engagement platform

Your branded platform to effortlessly distribute, collect and update information.

A composite image showing a desktop and mobile interface of Belong, a player engagement and communication platform


Quickly and securely register your professional members or players. Verify their identity, ensuring only authorised access to exclusive content on your platform.

An image showing the process for an athlete applying for membership on Belong on their phone
An image showing a phone and tablet running Belong


Connect players without sharing personal details like phone numbers. Create groups, share media, and engage with user-friendly WhatsApp-style tools.

A desktop computer listing Latest news articles in an admin interface


Deliver exclusive news and content to specific groups or individuals. Place the most recent information and announcements directly in the hands of your members with push notifications.

An image showing different profile management screens on a member communication app


Gather comprehensive details from your members and automatically send this data to other platforms, or even use it to power player profiles on your website.


Provide players with prompt and accurate answers to their questions. Utilise Belong's chat functionality to connect players directly to your admin team for assistance.

An iPhone showing a screen allowing an athlete to contact their organisation with a question
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